Blood Donor Program

Canberra Veterinary Emergency Service is proud to announce that we are building our own Pet Blood Bank to provide life saving blood to pets in need, so if you think that your pet could be an CVES Blood Donor Hero and save a life, please let us know!

The program has been hugely successful so far with local wonderful heroes volunteering to save lives!

Could your pet save a life? Are they:

  • Over 27kg
  • Between the ages of 2-7 years of age
  • Healthy
  • Up to date with vaccines, deworming and heart worm prevention
  • Have a cooperative temperament?

If so, then yes! They too can be a CVES Blood Donor Heroes!

Before donating, to ensure that pets fulfill the criteria to be blood donors, all dogs will:

  • Have a full physical examination performed by one of our experienced Emergency vets.
  • Have their blood typed (to make sure that they can donate) and blood test done to make sure they are healthy.
  • Be heartworm tested (to ensure that they do not carry heartworm).

What does donating entail?

Pets would only ever be asked to donate a maximum of twice yearly and would be called upon as the need arises.

  • Your dog would stay with us for 1-2 hours for the collection process.
  • Occasionally they may receive a light sedation to relax them ahead of their donation. You can be present to accompany your dog. Most of the time they don’t need sedation.
  • They will then receive the best tasting pikelet (meal and pigs ear!) they have ever tasted!

Unfortunately, unlike humans, our beloved pets don’t know what a wonderful service they are providing by donating, but as a token of our appreciation, we would also like to offer:

  • A discount should they ever (we hope that they do not!) need Emergency Veterinary care themselves.
  • The assurance of free blood transfusions should they ever (again, hopefully not!) need it.

Your pet’s contribution as part of the donor program is invaluable so we hope to say thank you in many ways.

So if you think that your dog could be a CVES Blood Donor Hero, please register your interest by emailing us at: and we will be in contact shortly with more information about how your dog can save a life!

Thank you for reading this article! Even if your pet may not fit the criteria, please share it with any friends who you think might have pets that will! You never know when your best friend may need the gift of life…

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