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Compassionate Euthanasia

Euthanasia is a traumatic time for all involved. When a much loved pet has a non-reversible medical condition or if he or she has sustained injuries that are too severe to treat you can rely on our veterinarians to be compassionate and caring while putting them to rest.

If you have made the decision to put your beloved pet to sleep and do not require a consult our reception staff will take care of you all upon arrival at our clinic. The reception staff will lead you to a quiet room in the clinic. After completion of a consent form, our veterinarian will come and talk to you about the procedure. Your pet will have an IV catheter placed and you will be given the option to stay with your pet or leave him or her in the compassionate care of our veterinary team.

Once your pet has passed on, you can either leave your pet with us to arrange for aftercare or you may want to have his or her body cremated with ashes returned to you. We understand that every pet and family are different and we will support you in finding the aftercare that is most appropriate for you both.