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Veterinary Nurse in Emergency and Critical Care (ECC)

Canberra, Gungahlin Nursing Assistant – Emergency & Critical Care

Veterinarian in Emergency and Critical Care (ECC) Casual

Veterinarian in Emergency and Critical Care (ECC) Permanent part time and fulltime

Dr Perri Rea, BVSc

Working at CVES means working with a team of talented, kind, and compassionate people. I am consistently supported by those around me, whilst still maintaining autonomy within my work. 
We are constantly exposed to a variety of interesting and complex veterinary challenges, which allows me to develop my skills. The opportunities that I have access to at CVES are unique and endlessly educational; it’s a workplace I’m very glad to have found!

Dr Paul Chong, BVSc (Hons)

Joining CVES has been the best decision I have made in starting my veterinary career. I look forward to coming to work every shift knowing that I have an animal-loving, compassionate and supportive team beside me. Every case I face stimulates growth of my knowledge, and I am always learning new and different ways a case can be approached. Although some days can be challenging, the caring staff never fail to check in on each other to ensure that our personal health and well-being are taken care of too. Not a day goes by that I’ll ever not love working at CVES.

Claire De Candia, Business Manager

I love working at CVES. I haven’t worked at a more supportive and inclusive workplace. We genuinely care about the wellbeing of all our staff, as well as every patient that presents to the clinic.
We want all staff to feel supported and want them to achieve their goals, so we have plenty of training opportunities available. I started off as part of the reception team, moved into Reception Manager position and after completing some studies I took on the Business Manager role, so CVES invests in our people to encourage us to achieve our goals whatever they may be.

Skye De Ath, Operations Manager

CVES is an amazing, inclusive and supportive workplace. I’ve never worked in a clinic that was so dedicated to helping staff achieve their goals by providing training and supporting them in their growth, On top of that is the positive floor culture and atmosphere in the clinic, Every shift is fun and exciting.

Hayley Bryant, Emergency Nurse

Working with CVES has been nothing short of a miracle for me.

The team here has helped me grow and become more confident in myself and my skills. Everyone who works here is extremely knowledgeable and kind, and always willing to reassure, support, and most important teach each other. Whilst emergency may seem daunting to some, CVES has created an environment in which everyone is taken care of – staff, clients and patients. No one is ever left behind.

Every day is a new day, bringing new unique cases and patients in.

Also, our management team is always very supportive and provides staff with many opportunities for ongoing education. There are always opportunities for staff to become more experienced in the most diverse fields of modern veterinary science. Constant professional development and amazing career possibilities are things that make me very grateful to be a part of CVES team.

Jess Griffiths, Emergency nurse

Unlike a lot of jobs nearly everyone in the vet industry is here because they want to. It’s not like a 9-5 that you might do for a couple of months to make money or build experience, you are here because you genuinely care, and you bring you heart and soul to work with you every day. Being here to help clients and their pets means so much. Emergency medicine is fast paced, stressful but so rewarding.

You are forced to think and learn on your feet so you can provide the best possible care to any patient that comes in. From reception taking that first worried call all the way through to our vets deciding on the best course of treatment. The team we have here at CVES is amazing and we rely so heavily on each other and what we bring to the team to get us through. I myself am a part of both the reception and nursing team. I am currently training to become a qualified Vet nurse and move away from admin into more hands-on patient care.

Anyone who has anything to do with the medical industry knows how full on and taxing it can be but those times when you pause for a moment to have a cuddle, find an extra blankie or warm up patient’s dinner it reminds you why your here and these small things matter even if never noticed.

Lesia Matvieieva, Reception Coordinator

I will not be too dramatic if I say that joining the CVES team has changed my life as it is an absolute truth. I have dived into the new amazing world of emergency medicine and feel like this is the place I have been looking for such a long time. Support, sincerity and the care the all the team show, makes me see them more like friends and family, rather than just colleagues. We are always working together to get through any challenges. Spirit of unity and integration is always at the highest level at CVES. At the same time, this is a place that has gathered together such an amazing diversity of people who just happen to “click” together so well.

Our management team always encourages us to keep professionally developing and constantly provides the most interesting opportunities to do so.

There is something at CVES that words cannot simply express enough. Even though emergency can be stressful each shift here brings so much pleasure.

Dr Sophie Plasto, BVSc

The opportunity to join the team at CVES is certainly one you shouldn’t pass up! I joined the team a few months ago making the transition from general practice to emergency and the team has made sure the transition couldn’t have gone more smoothly.

There is an amazing collegiate atmosphere among the team, and everyone is willing to support and assist to help you grow and learn. There is so much opportunity for CPD and learning both on and off the floor, with education being a real focus. With an absolute cracking team of nurses and support staff, every shift is full of fun and excitement (and adrenaline!), surrounded by supportive people and a whole lot of laughter and fun. It couldn’t be a better atmosphere, and the opportunity to make a real difference performing life saving emergency and critical care treatment while surrounded by an amazing team isn’t one that anyone should pass up. 

Sarah Cropper, Nurse Manager

CVES offers long-term job opportunities – the clinic is willing to support and nurture the staff, enabling progression and job satisfaction. The leaders of the clinic have a collective passion for clinic growth, staff development, and advocate for work-life balance and wellbeing. Our team is exceptional in so many ways – they encourage and inspire each other to continue learning, are supportive, and are proud to be their best authentic selves. The clinical cases are extremely interesting, and no two days are ever the same. You really feel like you are in an environment where you are saving patient lives!

Dr Sian Taggart BSc (vet bioscience) DVM

As a new mum, working for CVES has been an absolute dream. They are by far the best employer I’ve ever had. Emergency work with a great, caring employer like CVES allows me so much flexibility around my young family; something the CVES management team are hugely understanding and supportive of. I was hired while heavily pregnant; 6 weeks before going on maternity leave. CVES provided a safe, supportive environment for me and even threw me a baby shower (as a brand-new staff member about to go on leave, I thought this was extremely generous!).

Now I am back working permanent part time and absolutely love it. CVES are also supporting me to do the Improve International ECC course to further my skills.

I would highly recommend this employer for parents and others wanting flexible part time work. Many job adverts often promise the world but rarely deliver, but I can attest that CVES are a genuinely caring employer who listen, adapt when needed and support their staff very well. The culture at CVES is very positive due to having happy, well supported staff.