Employment Opportunities for Veterinary Professionals

Did you know that Canberra Veterinary Emergency Service offers an inclusive and flexible working environment with a wide variety of shift times and lengths?

Experienced and Inexperienced ECC Veterinarians Wanted!

Claire De Candia, Business Manager

I love working at CVES. I haven’t worked at a more supportive and inclusive workplace. We genuinely care about the wellbeing of all our staff, as well as every patient that presents to the clinic.
We want all staff to feel supported and want them to achieve their goals, so we have plenty of training opportunities available. I started off as part of the reception team, moved into Reception Manager position and after completing some studies I took on the Business Manager role, so CVES invests in our people to encourage us to achieve our goals whatever they may be.

Hayley Bryant, Emergency Nurse

Working with CVES has been nothing short of a miracle for me.

The team here has helped me grow and become more confident in myself and my skills. Everyone who works here is extremely knowledgeable and kind, and always willing to reassure, support, and most important teach each other. Whilst emergency may seem daunting to some, CVES has created an environment in which everyone is taken care of – staff, clients and patients. No one is ever left behind.

Every day is a new day, bringing new unique cases and patients in.

Also, our management team is always very supportive and provides staff with many opportunities for ongoing education. There are always opportunities for staff to become more experienced in the most diverse fields of modern veterinary science. Constant professional development and amazing career possibilities are things that make me very grateful to be a part of CVES team.

Jess Griffiths, Emergency Nurse

You are forced to think and learn on your feet so you can provide the best possible care to any patient that comes in. From reception taking that first worried call all the way through to our vets deciding on the best course of treatment. The team we have here at CVES is amazing, and we rely so heavily on each other and what we bring to the team to get us through. I myself used to be apart of the amazing reception team, however have recently become a qualified vet nurse and moved to nursing full time. CVES were extremely supportive and encouraging of me during my studies and didn’t hesitate to facilitate in anyway they could.

Lesia Matvieieva, Client Care Representative Manager

I will not be too dramatic if I say that joining the CVES team has changed my life as it is an absolute truth. I have dived into the new amazing world of emergency medicine and feel like this is the place I have been looking for such a long time. Support, sincerity and the care the all the team show, makes me see them more like friends and family, rather than just colleagues. We are always working together to get through any challenges. Spirit of unity and integration is always at the highest level at CVES. At the same time, this is a place that has gathered together such an amazing diversity of people who just happen to “click” together so well.

Our management team always encourages us to keep professionally developing and constantly provides the most interesting opportunities to do so.

There is something at CVES that words cannot simply express enough. Even though emergency can be stressful each shift here brings so much pleasure.

Sarah Cropper, Nurse Manager

CVES offers long-term job opportunities – the clinic is willing to support and nurture the staff, enabling progression and job satisfaction. The leaders of the clinic have a collective passion for clinic growth, staff development, and advocate for work-life balance and wellbeing. Our team is exceptional in so many ways – they encourage and inspire each other to continue learning, are supportive, and are proud to be their best authentic selves. The clinical cases are extremely interesting, and no two days are ever the same. You really feel like you are in an environment where you are saving patient lives!

Dr Serena Sabourin, Emergency Veterinarian

I started working at CVES after working in rural mixed practice and I have really enjoyed it. The team is super supportive and makes sure that you never have to handle stuff you are unprepared for alone. I feel like I am always learning and enjoying my work. There is lots of effort put into creating a good culture and everyone makes an effort to get to know new members of the team. I would recommend to anyone who thinks they may be interested to give it a go, ECC is not as scary as most people think!

Dr Thomas, Emergency Veterinarian

CVES is an amazing place to be a vet. Joining the team after several burnouts really reinvigorated my passion for emergency medicine; this is ECC done right and makes a high pace/ high stakes workplace manageable and rewarding. CVES has a wonderful culture, dedicated clientele, a management team that listens, all in an environment that encourages a great team dynamic and cares deeply about both the patients and team members.

New grads will be shown the ropes with patience and ample support, and experienced vets will be able to fit in and find their niche in no time. I cannot recommend CVES enough.

Megan Wright, Non-Clinical Vet Manager

I have been working for CVES for the past 6 months and made the move to this company specifically for the fantastic culture that they not only promote but embody. I have been able to be a part of a variety of teams in my short time; from being an active nurse on the floor, to now leading the Veterinary team as their non-clinical manager. CVES is a company that embraces and celebrates diversity, encourages learning and is their every step of the way in your career in the Veterinary Industry. I am very excited to continue to be a part of a team that is such a backbone for people and their pets in the Canberra region.