1. Easter Chocolate: Humans aren’t the only ones with a sweet tooth! Chocolate contains the compound, Theobromine, which causes hyperactivity, elevated heart rates, arrhythmias and seizures in Pets. Toxicity depends on the type of chocolate and dose ingested so please always call your Vet to see if your Pet needs Veterinary attention. 2. Artificial sweeteners – Xylitol: Sweets that have artificial sweeteners in them such as Xylitol are toxic and can cause hypoglycemia, seizures and acute and sudden liver failure. Even a small amount can be toxic so please seek Veterinary attention immediately! 3. Easter Lilies: Easter Lilies are beautiful but ANY part of them is toxic to cats and can cause acute kidney failure. Cats are curious and like to investigate or chew Lilies so please make sure that if you have a cat, you don’t have Lilies this Easter! 4. Hot Cross Buns and Sultanas: Grapes, Raisins and Sultanas can all cause acute kidney failure in pets! Hot Cross Buns are delicious but are full of these these dried fruits so please make sure that your pet does not have access to these this Easter. 5. Plastic Easter Eggs and Easter Grass: If contaminated by or associated with chocolate, these objects can cause gastrointestinal obstructions or injury. Canberra Veterinary Emergency Service is open 24/7 over the Easter Long Weekend: – Thursday 18th April: Open 6pm – Easter Friday 19th April: Open 24hrs – Saturday 20th April: Open 24hrs – Easter Sunday 21st April: Open 24hrs – Easter Monday 22nd April: Open 24hrs If you are not sure if you need to come down, please call our friendly staff on 6225 7257 and they can triage your enquiry over the phone and advise if your pet needs to be seen. We would like to wish you and your Pet a Safe and Happy Easter! Canberra Veterinary Emergency Service, compassionate and experienced Emergency and Critical Care when you need it the most.