Mission, Vision and Core Values


We are an emergency animal hospital and provide veterinary emergency and critical care:

  • For pets, because they deserve the best possible veterinary care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • For local veterinarians, who want the best possible care for their patients when their surgery is closed, and
  • For clients, who need the peace of mind that comes with knowing their sick or injured pet is in good hands.


  • Our vision is for all pets to have access to the highest quality veterinary care at any time of the day or night and to be recognised as a leader in veterinary emergency and critical care.
  • To be an environment of continuing professional development and learning so that we can ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Core Values

  • We are supportive, respectful and kind
  • We teach and learn without judgement
  • We act honestly, collaboratively and with integrity
  • We embrace diversity, inclusivity and authenticity
  • We prioritise health and well-being

Our Purpose – Cause – Passion

To make a difference in our patients, their families and our team lives.

Our Niche

  1. Provide the highest quality client and patient care after hours.
  2. We save lives and give pet owners and referring vet’s peace of mind.
  3. Compassionate care for every species.
  4. We understand that every animal and their humans are individuals and our treatment plans are tailored as such.

Our Uniques

  1. We focus on Mental health and wellbeing.
  2. We embrace diversity, inclusivity and encourage people to be their own unique and authentic selves.
  3. Our culture is to be unique and progressive.
  4. We strive to have strong supportive relationships with the Canberra Veterinary community.

Our Guarantee

Our passionate, highly skilled team guarantees to always treat your pet with the greatest respect for their wellbeing.