Mika and the chicken treat

The Story

Giving your puppy treats is generally harmless fun that helps to bond with your new furry child. Sometimes though, things can go in a very different direction.

This is Mika, an absolutely adorable 3 months old West Highland Terrier puppy. He got himself into a lot of trouble when he ingested a whole big, dehydrated chicken breast. Consequentially it got stuck in his oesophagus. Mika’s mum realized something was wrong very quickly and made her way to CVES in minutes.

Dr. Marg comments on the case “X-rays showed that the strip of chicken breast was lodged in the lower part of Mika’s oesophagus, just above the heart, putting Mika at risk of developing a life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia. An endoscope was subsequently used to retrieve the treat. This was a tricky procedure, as the chicken breast had rehydrated after being swallowed and was now soft and mushy, making it difficult to grasp. Plus, we had to be very gentle and careful considering the positioning of the problem. It took us a few attempts but eventually we were able to retrieve everything with a lasso snare.”

Mika stayed under our close monitoring after the procedure to ensure smooth recovery. He might have a bit of a sore throat, but now is back at home with his loving mum.