Congratulations to Dr Dilly and Pets in the Park in helping this very special patient get home safely again!

Pets in the Park is a wonderful charity that cares for the pets owned by people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless and Canberra Veterinary Emergency Service is proud to support this organisation, its clients and its patients.

Please read their heartwarming story below on beautiful Milly, who presented to CVES over the weekend for a bleeding splenic tumour (cancer). CVES has proudly donated its professional time and services but if you could assist Pets in the Park to continue to provide care for special people like Milly, all donations are very gratefully received and can be made by following the link at the end of the story.

Please share this story with your friends also – public recognition of this wonderful charity helps the people and pets who need it most!

For more information, please search for @CanberraPITP on Facebook or follow the link: to read more about the very special work that these wonderful volunteers do.

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Story Posted by Pets in The Park
This story is shared with Millys humans permission.

Late on Friday one of our volunteers answered a crisis call from one of our clients. Our Canberra facebook person is not a vet (for future reference) and made sure to follow up with one of the PITP vets and was able to arrange an emergency consult at CVES.

Milly was seen on Friday night as she had been “off” for a couple of days and the ultrasound done showed a mass in her spleen. There was a risk of it rupturing and bleeding in to the abdomen so she had emergency surgery on Saturday to remove her spleen. Prior to surgery she blood tests and chest X-rays down to make sure she was a good anaesthetic candidate and they were all normal.
Milly went home yesterday and is spending her time recovering with her very grateful human.

PITP would like to thank all the staff at CVES, especially Dr Dilly who answered the crisis call and got things happening and Dr Tracy and Dr Katy who looked after Milly and over the weekend.

This was an exceptional case and can not always be done but we do try our best. This is also an example of how we use our donations. Although the vets and nurses volunteer their time, the supplies and costs of surgery do need to be covered.
This sort of surgery would normally cost around $3000 (including the vets time)

To help us to be able to continue to support animals like Milly we rely on community support. If you would like to help us continue to do what we do please think about donating. We are a registered charity and all donations are tax deductible – this is the link…