Canberra Veterinary Emergency Services is a 24 Hour Emergency Vet located in Gungahlin, Canberra. We offer a full range of services from consultation to complex surgical and medical case workup. While in our care, you can be sure your pet will receive the best care we can provide. We are proactive in the treatment of all pets in our care. We are here all night and we strive to provide the highest standard of care possible to not only benefit your pet but also to aid in our professional development.

Our services include:


Initial consultation will allow us to determine whether your pet can be treated as an outpatient or needs to be hospitalised. Every step of the way our friendly, experienced veterinary team will keep you informed of your pets needs. Outpatients will be discharged into their owners care with any medications needed to improve their condition.


Our fully equipped pharmacy can supply most medication needed for your pet, if we do not have a product your pet needs, we will source it for you and provide you with a prescription. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver balanced analgesia, no pet should experience chronic pain and it is a priority to us that your pet does not suffer.

Fluid therapy and Blood transfusions:

Commonly, family pets require Intravenous Fluid Therapy (IVFT) fluids and even at times blood transfusions. We have all the equipment necessary to provide your pet with any type of IV fluids he or she may require.

Blood, urine, body fluid and tissue sampling:

We are capable of all blood and tissue sampling including CSF taps, placing arterial lines to monitor blood oxygenation and percutaneous sampling of intrathoracic and intraabdominal fluids or masses including urine.


Pets often eat things they shouldn’t and require emergency treatment to detoxify their bodies. We have everything needed to help your pet should they ingest something they shouldn’t.



We use digital radiography on premises, which produces exceptional images in the fastest time possible; this makes immediate, life-saving interpretation possible quickly. Digital technology also means that these radiographs can be viewed by clients in consultation about their pet, can also be forwarded easily to referring veterinarians and can be forwarded to board certified radiologists offsite for a second opinion when necessary.


Ultrasound is a sensitive and useful tool for imaging all soft tissues particularly the chest and abdomen, it helps to identify fluid in body compartments, detection of masses and can guide a veterinarian in tissue sampling. Our veterinarians are trained in the use and interpretation of ultrasound. These images can also be forwarded to referring veterinarians to assist in the ongoing care of your pet.


Endoscopic examination of the gastrointestinal and respiratory tract are less invasive than surgery and can aid in the retrieval of foreign bodies and diagnostics in both of these areas.


24 Hour Emergency Vet

We have modern and fully equipped surgical suites so we can perform all the necessary surgical procedures commonly seen in emergency and critical care.


We have full laboratory facilities on site, this means results are immediately available for veterinary interpretation and we are capable or working up complex medical cases without delay from external labs Our laboratory includes: complete blood count and biochemical analysis, electrolyte analysis, blood coagulation testing, urinalysis, snake venom detection, fecal examination and analysis of tissue samples. For non emergent diagnostics, we can outsource samples to the local veterinary diagnostic laboratories if more extensive testing is necessary.

Oxygenation and Ventilation:

There are many reasons that your pet may require oxygen or ventilation. Oxygen is available in all treatment areas of the hospital. We also have ventilators for animals experiencing paralysis of their respiratory muscles, often due to snake or tick envenomation, and a team that is well equipped to ventilate your pet when and if they need it.

Advanced Monitoring:

We have all the modern monitoring equipment for your pet if their condition is critical. With multiparameter monitors to continually monitor ECG trace, blood pressure, pulse oximetry and temperature, we can also monitor blood gases and blood chemistry, pcv/tp and much more so little things don’t get missed.