Lizzie Egli

Elizabeth “Lizzie”

Emergency Nurse

Lizzie is a part of the nursing team here at CVES and has been nursing for several years now. She has experience in both general practice nursing, and emergency and critical care nursing. Her areas of interest include animal behaviour, critical and intensive care nursing, imaging, and palliative care. 

What keeps her going at work are the special bonds that are created between herself and the vast range of pets she cares for. One of her favourite aspects of working as a nurse at CVES is the fact that she gets to be a part of a loved pet’s life, in the most helpful of ways. Lizzie loves the fast-paced environment that is emergency, and she enjoys working through all the different cases that are presented each night. 

Outside of work, Lizzie lives with her partner and their daughter, on his family property in NSW. She shares her home with their labrador named Reggie and their rescue cat named Harry. In her spare time, Lizzie stays occupied looking after her daughter, some farm work, DIY projects, travelling and catching up with family and friends.