Hayley Bryant


Wanting to be a part of the industry from a young age, Hayley started her journey into the world of veterinary medicine in 2017 when she began to work as a kennel hand at a rural clinic in NSW. After a few years in general practice working as a receptionist and a nurse, she developed a keen interest in emergency and critical care animals, where she felt she could make the biggest impact on her patient’s time in hospital. Deciding to make the move to CVES in 2020, Hayley was excited about the unpredictability of emergency and was thrilled to be able to see a wide range of different cases. Hayley is very passionate about continued education, disease pathophysiology, intensive care cases and inspiring those around her to grow. She is an integral part of our nursing team and plays an active role in keeping the team abreast of gold standard patient and treatment standards.

When not at work, you can find Hayley wandering through national parks, bird watching or exploring local bookstores.