Getting your pet to and from our emergency vet clinic

We understand that sometimes it is impossible for you to transport your pet to a veterinarian or an emergency vet clinic. Whether it is due to you not having transport or being incapacitated or unable to drive yourself. Whatever the cause there are several options available to you to get you and your pet to and from our clinic. These independent services can assist in transport when needed, any time of the day or night.

• Pet Ambulance
• ACT Cabs
• Canberra Elite Cabs
• Cab Silver Service

Referring your pet back to his or her regular Vet

Whenever possible it is important to accompany your pet back to your regular veterinarian. Your regular vet will need to discuss further treatment options with you and will need your consent to treat your pet. We do realise that transporting your pet back to your regular vet in the morning may be inconvenient as it is a busy time of day but for continuity of care it is best that your pet is discharged from our service into your care so you can then be fully informed about the next stage of your pets recovery.